So what will Kim’s Home do?

More of the same: take in needy dogs, find them rescue places or foster them until they can be rehomed by me or a rescue. I shall still lobby (beg) rescues to take dogs from the pound that have stayed too long. I shall continue to promote sighthounds as pets and to publicise the abuse they suffer. And I shall continue to offer a permanent home to elderly dogs. As one Kim’s Home resident goes to the Bridge, then we shall have a place for another needy dog.

Aims and Objectives

In short these are the aims and objectives of Kim’s Home:

  1. To provide lifelong sanctuary to elderly and/or abused dogs who cannot be rehomed in a caring, comfortable home with good food, appropriate veterinary treatment and exercise
  2. To provide temporary sanctuary to sighthounds in need – whether homeless, sick, abused, threatened with euthanasia – while waiting for rescue place or forever home
  3. To care for sick hounds and rehabilitate abused hounds so that they can be rehomed
  4. To neuter and microchip all hounds before re-homing in order to prevent irresponsible breeding and to promote responsible ownership
  5. To promote awareness via the website of the often cruel conditions of working sighthounds – notably Greyhounds, Lurchers, Salukis and Whippets- with a view to educating the public and improving the lives of the dogs
  6. To liaise with local dog pounds and gypsy/traveller sites in order to transfer needy dogs to rescue or to the sanctuary
  7. To liaise with other rescues and online forums to locate dogs in need and to find rescue places or homes for dogs who have the potential to be pet dogs