Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to Kim’s Home news.

The big news this month is the launch of the website kindly built by Richard Taylor of openbracket(design). Some of you may know Richard’s mum, Anne, who is Lurcherluvva on Sighthounds online and who master-minds the Black Beauties website. I am so pleased with the Kim’s Home website and I think it does Kim proud.

There are 2 foster dogs at Kim’s Home at the moment. Biddy is ready to go and will be rehomed via GRWE. Lucy needs more time to get fully well and to learn some manners before she can go to a new home. All the details of them are in the Current Fosters section.

The current residents are all well. Freya is still coming out on most walks in spite of her dodgy back legs. Zak is getting very frail but is still up for outings. Emma has become an absolute diva and shouts at me when she needs something – like dinner or a treat. I always knew that dog was going to be trouble! Tom has been to visit his mum in her care home twice this week: once on Sunday for our usual walk along the lake and then again on Monday because it was his mum’s 91st birthday. The weather was horrible and so Joan and Tom had a nice time cuddling in her room.

Griff had a little adventure this week. He became very absorbed in a digging project in the meadow when we were down at the river walk. I called him to come but he ignored me. Not unusual when he’s digging but he always catches up with us. So the rest of us set off back towards the van – about half a mile away. Instead of going along the river path we stayed down on the playing fields because they were partly flooded and the younger dogs were having fun running in and out of the mini-lakes. We were parallel to the river path. Anyway we rejoined the river path further up. In the distance I saw a walking friend coming towards us with Griff on the lead! Apparently, when he’d tired of digging, he’d run along the river path to rejoin us – he’d gone right to the van but of course we weren’t there. So then he ran back to the meadow but we’d left there. So he ran back up on to the path, sat down and
then howled and howled. . And that’s where he was found. So my friend, who knew that we were there somewhere because she parks next to my van, put him on a lead for safety’s sake. He was ecstatic to be reunited with his family.