Flora was a Romanian street dog found collapsed in the street. Luckily for her she was found by a kind person who took her to a vet – the same vet, Luana Sabau, who fostered our Vita. We were able to piece together Flora’s story: she had been in a public shelter – because she had the tell-tale hole in her ear where the tag had been. I had heard reports of someone in that shelter throwing chlorine over the dogs. And that’s must have been what happened to Flora because she was covered in chemical burns. So then she must have been thrown back out on to the street because of her injuries. Luana nursed her back to health. Kim’s Home was able to fund all Flora’s costs and bring her to the UK for a permanent home with us.

She is such a happy little dog, very affectionate. She rarely leaves my side. She loves going out for walks and will even run with the Salukis.