Grace came to me late one December night four years ago. She had been cruelly starved and was on the point of death, a skeleton unable to even stand. Before her owner could put her on the road to be crushed by passing lorries, a gypsy saved her and brought her to me. She wasn’t expected to live but I told her that she could at least die in the warm and in a state of grace. No idea what I meant by that but she was Grace from then onwards. She did live but it was a long job. It was 10 days before I could risk taking her out to the vet – who said that he would have put her down if she’d been brought to him.

Gradually Grace recovered and became the lovely, lively, cheeky girl she is today. There are scars remaining from her trauma:  her coat never grew properly and stayed as a fluffy undercoat. And just recently she succumbed to an auto-immune condition called SLO where her claws fall out painfully. She has recovered from that but will be on medication and supplements for life. This does not spoil her enjoyment of life. She is beautiful inside and out.

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