Vita came to Kim’s Home from Romania, where she had been a street dog – allegedly for 15 years. I was sent a photo of her after she had been captured and taken to a public shelter, where she was now due to be killed. “Please help”, the message said. But how? I contacted the original poster of the dog’s picture, Margarit Mihaela, who is a dog rescuer in Romania. I sent her some funds to get the dog out. She then transported the little dog 200 kilometres to Constanta where she left her with a vet, who was also running a rescue. The vet, Luana Sabau, nursed the little dog back to health and prepared her for a journey to the UK. She arrived in November and settled straight in. She loves the good life, loves the dogs, loves me and a few visitors, but barks at everyone else. She is a little star.

Vita on the night she arrived at Kim’s Home