Bayleaf is a Greyhound – now nearly 8 years old. He is the enfant terrible of the family. He arrived when he was 8 months old (allegedly) and was due to be shot because he showed no promise as a racer. I went to collect him late one night from a person who had saved him from the bullet. He screamed all the way home in the car and has been a trouble ever since.

First he had separation anxiety and wrecked the house when I went out. After 6 months another sighthound fosterer offered to take him for a while to give me a break. A few months later she asked if she could adopt him because things were going so well. After he had been in his home for 15 months I had a phone call asking me to take him back at once. I don’t know what happened to the lad in that home but he came back with bite scars and was a psychological wreck. He was aggressive with all dogs and even people. He was a nightmare to walk on lead and a danger to the public off-lead. He never attacked his own dogs though. And he was fine in the house. Nearly five years later he is a much mellower person and can walk calmly past any dog on the lead. His recall is 100% and instantaneous. He loves running and swimming. He adores his family and they adore him. Sickly, elderly dogs choose him to cuddle with. He is a clown and a real plonker.

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