Zoe is a Saluki who will be 10 in February, 2013. I first met Zoe when she was a tiny pup on a gypsy/traveller site. I bought 3 of her siblings to make sure that they went to pet homes and passed them to Saluki Welfare. I also bought her father when he was available – a lovely silver grizzle Saluki. The owner of the pups kept one to work for them. I asked if I could have her when she had finished being a worker and they agreed. I didn’t think it would take 8 and a half years!

Zoe was fairly well looked-after as a gypsy dog and is a happy-go-lucky dog who is fazed by nothing. She was ill when she arrived and had to be spayed immediately because she had a pyometra. But, as soon as she was well, she started to fly like a true Saluki. She is a gentle, loving dog with excellent recall. She was well worth the wait.

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