Griff was found on a gyspy/traveller site at the age of about 7 weeks. He was already having to fend for himself and was semi-feral. A kind gypsy brought him to me. I don’t usually foster pups but my daughter was living at home at the time and so she cared for him and Grace. When he was about 11 weeks old, he was rehomed to a lovely home in Scotland. 3 weeks later he was sent home with an ASBO for bullying the resident Lurcher. When I met him after his Scottish stay he greeted me hysterically and tried desperately to scrabble into the van. He knew where his home was. And he’s still here.

He’s mischievous, intelligent, loving, has a special bond with Grace, and is really my daughter’s dog. He is particularly happy when she’s at home. He loves chasing a ball on a rope, undertaking major excavation projects and rolling in fox poo.

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